Bicycle and photo links

Crazyguyonabike | The international collection spot for cycling travel reports and articles.

Bicycle Traveler | International digital magazine on bicycle touring with great stories en photos.

Via Velo | Dutch digital magazine on bicycle touring for adventurous (off road) riders.

Jerry Nilson | This friendly Swede cycles on his racing bike huge distances on paved and gravel roads through the Alps.

Luddo Oh | Offers a great variety of reports and pictures of cycling in mountainous areas.

Michiel Ehrens | Crossed Iceland in many ways, and reports in a very sober way supported by many pictures.

Dennis & Marijcke | Website of genuine world travellers. All world regions, many reports, beautiful pictures,very informative.

Fietsen in Europa | Jan-Willem and Gudrun cycle through Europe and South-America. Well written, practical information.

Kees Swart | Nice bicycle stories and photo's from Europe and Africa. Also includes also practical tips for taking photo┬┤s.

Slopes of Europe | Contains all European road climbs. Clear diagrams with the average slope of each kilometer.

Bike4Travel | Internet shop owned by two experienced cyclists who have just the right stuff in store for travel bikes.